Chair: Rob Harrison

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee reviews financial records, from the permanent committees and the Treasurer, and reports their findings to the Presbytery

Chair: Brent Bradley

Court Records Committee

The Committee of Court Records reviews the minutes of church Sessions for conformity to the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Chair: David Cummings

Examination Committee

The Examinations Committee examines and makes recommendations to Presbytery concerning men, candidates and ministers seeking admission to Presbytery, or to come under her care.

Chair: Vacant

Missions Committee

The Missions Committee carries on the work assigned to it in the areas of Evangelism, Home Missions, including the support of organized work within the bounds of Presbytery.

Chair: Ben Lawson

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee identifies and nominates people to serve on the Permanent of Westminster Presbytery and on Committees of Commissioners and Permanent Committees of the General Assembly.

Chair: Carl Howell

Overture and Judicial Business Committee

The Overture and Judicial Business committee researches communications, prior to the meetings of Presbytery, and to makes recommendations to Presbytery.

Chair: Bill Leuzinger

RUF Committee

The RUF Committee helps spread the Gospel to students on local campuses through strategic placement of ordained ministers through Presbytery and congregational support.


Chair: John Dawson

Shepherding Committee

The Shepherding Committee promotes the peace and purity of the Church by careful oversight of Ministers and Sessions and Congregations of the Presbytery.




Rev. Brent Bradley


Rev. Larry Ball

Stated Clerk

Rev. Thomas Rickard